The Best Time to Visit Tanzania

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You, like many other travelers, want to have the finest vacation possible, and superb timing does the trick, so you’re wondering, “When is the best time to visit Tanzania?”

The best time to visit is largely determined by what you want to see and how you want to experience it. All of this is heavily influenced by the weather at the time of your visit.

Tanzanian attractions can be visited all year; however, the dry season (June to October) is widely regarded as the finest time to visit Tanzania.

Why is it best to visit Tanzania from June to October?

  • First and foremost, the sky is clear, and most of the day is sunny (ideal weather for your stay).
  • Second, animals are easier to notice because, when there is a lack of water, the vegetation degrades, increasing the visibility of animals that will congregate near water sources (see safaris).
  • Furthermore, this time will cover the migration’s two highlights, “the Grumeti river crossing” and “the Mara river crossing” (for more information on the migration and its highlights, see here).
  • When it is dry, it is easier to move around than when it is raining.
  • Furthermore, it is the ideal season to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro (see packages) because of the great weather and increased summit possibilities.
  • There are fewer mosquitoes. in contrast to the wet season, which favors mosquitoes
  • It is easier to organize group trips, events, and larger parties (see group packages).
    Finally, during the dry season, there are more and more possibilities for activities.

There are a few difficulties during this time period.

  • Prices are expensive.
  • There will be many travelers because it is peak season; if you prefer a calm trip, book early.
  • Roads are really dusty.

Other good times to visit Tanzania

From November to March

It is forecast to be dry, sunny, and with fewer visitors, making it an ideal time to visit. There are few chances of short rains, like in December and January.


When the big wildebeest migration herds return to the Serengeti, the weather will be bright with brief rain showers (to reduce dust).
Around festival season, the scenery begins to green up and become more lovely.

January to February

The great wildebeest migration calving season is another highlight of the migration, with almost half a million new-borns during this period. It is also a fantastic time for predator action, with lush green landscapes.


It is unclear whether the weather will be dry or if the rainy season will begin around the conclusion of the wildebeest calving season, which runs from April to May.

This is arguably the worst time to visit Tanzania because it is likely to be a rainy season, making it impossible to move around or enjoy the sun.

However, there are some advantages to this time period.

  • lower prices
  • Green and lovely migratory birds are there, and bird watching is at its best because there are fewer visitors (low season).

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